Research and development costs can be a heavy burden to many companies. WYSE understands this burden and through collaboration provides a variety of services to bring innovative ideas to life. These services include:

team brainstorming

In an ever-crowding world of products and stiffening competition it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to identify market gaps and create successful products. WYSE offers a fresh perspective and "Outside the Box" thinking in collaboration with your R&D team to help drive innovation and spark creativity.

Market Evaluation

In a fast-paced world where customers constantly demand more from the products they purchase, understanding an evolving industry is the key to a products success. WYSE Design provides market evaluations from patenting to competitive analysis and more.

Product Conceptualization

The continued introduction of innovative new products is not only critical to staying ahead of the competition but necessary for an organizations continued survival. At WYSE once a Market Evaluation has been completed, we will work toward creating a cost effective product for your organization or identify possible innovations to an existing product or product line.

3D Modeling

A 3D model will enable your client, customer, or possible investor to better envision your idea and better understand its potential. WYSE Design can help create your 3D model and instill the confidence you desire.

Prototype Fabrication

Creating a prototype is a critical step in product development. Conducting a proof-of-concept can bridge the gap between how the product is envisioned and how it is ultimately delivered to the customer. WYSE Design has experienced the benefits a prototype brings and can utilize their experience to manage the fabrication of your prototype.

Project Management

Product development may require many elements ranging from electrical to mechanical to material selection. WYSE Design utilizes a collaborative approach to manage the needs of your project that will save you time and money.

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