The Hand-E-Winch™ is the perfect general purpose winch for odd jobs around the home or pulling up that boat at your cottage. This cost effective portable winch combines speed and portability while maintaining a reasonable mechanical advantage, reducing the time and labor needed to complete the job at hand. This tool utilizes a ratcheting locking mechanism that must be disengaged to release the load. Patent pending.

The Hand-E-Winches™ attractive user friendly design incorporates:

  1. 360 degree rotating crank hand for superior speed over standard ratchet winches.
  2. 25 feet of nylon strap, replacing kinks in wire rope and dangerous frayed strands.
  3. Setup for both right and left handed use.
  4. quick attachment / removal of crank handle with two positions for speed and leverage.
  5. Up to 1000lb capacity

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