hand-e-winch auto-lock

One of WYSE's latest innovations, the Hand-E-Winch Auto-Lock replaces come-a-longs and chain falls. With endless applications, this cost effective portable winch combines speed and portability while maintaining a reasonable mechanical advantage. The patented Auto-Lock feature provides a high level of safety in automatically locking your load in place. Patent pending.

The Hand-E-Winches attractive user friendly design incorporates:

  1. Automatic load locking
  2. No load locking or directional levers, just crank IN or OUT with ease and speed.
  3. 360 degree rotating crank hand for superior speed over standard ratchet winches.
  4. 15 feet of nylon strap, replacing kinks in wire rope and dangerous frayed strands.
  5. Quick attachment / removal of crank handle with two positions for speed and leverage.
  6. Quick and Easy free-spool release for fast setup.
  7. Built in hand protector
  8. Up to 1000lb capacity

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