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Innovation is critical to staying ahead of the competition and often corporations will find themselves lacking fresh ideas or the spark that inspires creativity within their team. WYSE Design & Development Inc.™ draws on experience and intuition to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. From market evaluation to prototype fabrication, WYSE appreciates the challenges of today's business world. We invite you to look through our list of services to find the cost effective solution that is right for you.

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WYSE Design & Development Inc.™ has a variety of unique products that are designed with ingenuity.

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WYSE Design & Development Inc.™ was founded by Brian Lundrigan to provide a simple solution to a complex problem. WYSE's original winch product shaped the company's journey from start up to success. Today, WYSE is continuing its journey of creating innovative new products and sharing its experience and expertise through collaboration with new and mature business alike. In today's tough economic times, whether you're a startup or an established corporation, every dollar counts and WYSE has the experience and desire to help your organization succeed.

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